Short life history

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Short life history:

          “I was born on 11th January 1931, the second son of Lancelot Laurence Thwaytes and Grace Veronica Thwaytes (nee Caesar). Lancelot had passed out of Sandhurst in 1914 and joined the British Indian Army in Sam Brownes Cavalry (mostly Sikhs). He fought in Mespotamia under General Maud. When I was born he and my mother had come back toEngland for a course at Aldershot. He was then a Captain. Later he rose to be a Brigadier General but retired after Independence in 1947 and took up local government, eventually becoming Chairman of West Sussex County Council. My elder brother Philip and his wife Nancy now live at Waltham near Grimsby and have a whole parcel of grandchildren. My younger brother Richard and his wife Vincenza live near Canberra. Unfortunately his only son, Tom, died in a road accident at the age of sixteen.

          In mid-1931 my parents returned to India accompanied by their two older sons, and a Scottish Nanny, Miss Cecile Milne, for whom I have the greatest affection. Then in 1935 we all went back to England, where my father was attending staff college at Camberley. We stayed at Farnborough. After the course at Camberley, my father and mother put Philip and me in a boarding school, Our Ladys Convent, Abingdon, Berks., and went back to India. They came back to England in 1939. For a time we lived at Raisberry on the Thames, and later they bought Ivy Grange, SidleshamSussex. Soon after that World War Two started, and I still remember the voice of Neville Chamberlain on our “wireless” on Sunday 3rd September when he declared war on Hitler. Being eight years old, I ran out of the house expecting to see battle scenes unfold instantly, but it was May 1940 before the real blitzkrieg started in the West.

          My father was convinced that the Germans could be beaten within six months because of their paucity of oil wells, but he reckoned without the ersatz products of the German chemical industry which managed to turn coal into oil and rubber and practically anything else they needed. Anyway, he decided to return to India immediately with Mummy, and left the three boys (by that time Richard was three years old) in the care of Miss C.Milne, backed by our uncles Julius Caesar (changed to Father Leo Caear, O.S.B.) and Harold Price (a London stock broker) and Aunty Angela Price.

We three boys went to North Wales as evacuees during the Battle of Britain in August 1940. There I found my Indigo Bear on the counter at Woolworths in Llandrwst. So, he was born in Wales. That's why he likes Welsh songs so much. 

           Philip and I were sent to Hodder, the prep school for Stonyhurst, both in Lancashire. I went up to Stonyhurst in 1942 and stayed there till 1950, by which time I had won a place at Oxford. But I wanted to finish National Service first, so in March 1950 I took my basic training at Bulford on Salisbury Plain, and got transferred to the Royal Hampshire Regiment in the British Army of the Rhine, Seventh Armoured Division (Desert Rats), along with the Welsh Guards, the Scots Greys, and sundry other odds and ends. We were stationed at Minden in the old Waffen S.S.Barracks of the Hermann Goering Panzer Division. It was like a five star hotel compared to Bulford. I was in the Anti-tank Section of Support Company.

          In September 1951 I went up to St.Catherines, Oxford, to take an honours degree in History. I completed this successfully in 1954. While at Oxford I spent a lot of time learning judo, got a half blue, and became President of the Judo Club. Then I went out toIndia in September 1954 as an Assistant Manager in Binny & Co (Madras) Ltd, and was just in time to play Rugby for South India as hooker. We  won the all-India tournament. That was not entirely due to my personal efforts, but I did hook the ball back more than 50% of the time.

          After my three year contract with Binnys I went back to England and picked up my M.A. at Oxford, and then applied for an M.B.A. course at Harvard. At that time there were only four Business Schools in the world, all in North America. I failed to get into Harvard, but managed to squeeze into Western Business School at LondonOntario, which is now known as the Ivey Business School. Since all the Professors were from Harvard, it did not make much difference. While undergoing the course I got a call from the Lord that was fairly close to what happened to St.Paul on the road to Damascus. My answer was “Yes”. So I dropped out after the first year with a D.B.A., joined Maryglade Seminary atMemphisMichigan, and slogged through a year of novitiate, a year of philosophy, and four years of theology. I was ordained priest in June 1965.

          In June 1966 I landed by air in Kolkata, and went up to North Bengal. Soon afterwards I was sent to Malbazar to become Headmaster/Secretary of Bartolo LongoJunior High School, now named St.Bartholemews High School. In 1973 I founded BoysTown and Caesar School about a quarter of a mile away from B.L.School (as it is widely known). I have been working here at Boys Town and Caesar School ever since, and have prepared a site for my grave in the Chapel garden where I hope , Deo volonte, to rest my weary bones in due course of time.

          In 1982 I was at Jalpaiguri Court talking to a lawyer about a road accident case of one of our drivers. A boy of 12 came up to us selling lottery tickets. He was an orphan helping to support his widowed mother. Now he has become the Secretary General of the Boys Town Welfare Trust, Mr.Debu Roy. His son Dipakar in just finishing class Xll, and learning to be a professional in information technology. His website is          Also        

          Apart from teaching information technology to many students, one of my hobbies is making free websites. I would rather have a lot of free ones than just one paid-up domain name. Among them are:        

          Our gang also has a lot of YouTube accounts, among them are: johnthwaytes, dulal139, MultiDibakar, prakashchhetri1, superindigobear, sankalproy4, nabinsingh17, Prohit31, rajeshkarki60, kartikroy37 and Dharmesh139.

          If you would like to email me, my email address is

          I look forward to make your electronic acquaintance if nothing better offers.”